Hafis Calf Cosmetic Procedure
Hafis Calf
Cosmetic Procedure

You can see slim calf, reduction of circumference
and correction of bowed legs with just one treatment.

Because smooth and beautiful calf line is considered one of the charms of women,
many women desires to have pretty legs.
However there are many women who worry about their overdeveloped calf muscles, bowed legs and asymmetrical calves.
Since calves have relatively fewer fat and the shape of calf depends majorly on muscles,
there are limits to make slim and smooth leg line with diet alone.

In many cases, wearing high heels too frequently,
bad walking postures and lifestyle habits can be the cause of your calf muscles’ overdevelopment.
Calf procedure of Haifs is the most effective way to create a beautiful leg line.
With a single procedure, you can reduce the size of the calf muscles, calf circumference,
improve asymmetry, and correct bowed legs, and the results are semi-permanent.

In addition, thanks to the non-incision surgery,
there is no pain or scarring and the patient can return to their daily lives immediately after the procedures.
So numerous visitors from many parts of Asia schedule the procedure on the last day of their plans and return back home.

  • Procedure Duration
    30 ~ 45 Min
  • Anesthetic method
    Local anesthesia
  • Procedure Area
    Choose only the area
    that requires
    the procedure from
    the entire calf muscles
  • Procedure Site
    2 small punctures on
    back of the knee
  • Estimated circumference reduction

    40cm or more
    ☞ 5cm reduction

    less than 40cm
    ☞ 3cm reduction

  • Post-treatment management
    No re-visit required


With the exclusive proven method of HAFIS,
we achieved zero accident record since the opening in 2004.

  • Non-incisional Procedure
    No hemorrhaging and fast recovery
  • Can walk immediately after procedure
    You can walk without support
  • Procedures without side effects
    Use exclusive HAFIS
    procedures officially recognized
    by international society


Unlike other hospitals, HAFIS calf procedures do not cause pain,
hemorrhaging, or scar at the procedure site.

Check the thickness of the muscles through ultrasound.
Anesthetize the procedure area with the patient lying face down.
We carry out precise calf procedures using special equipment to check sensations.
Offers stretch training for post operation management.
Patients return home wearing pressure stockings

* You do not need to come back to the hospital after the procedure.

Images Before and After the Procedure
for Each Treatment Type

Hafis offers customized procedures tailored to the client's calf shape.

  • Before&After

    Predominant Gastrocnemius Muscles
    < Enlarged Gastrocnemius >

    This is the most commonly seen symptom when only
    the gastrocnemius muscles are overdeveloped on the thin leg.
    It is possible to see a great effect even if only the inner and
    outer gastrocnemius muscles are selectively reduced.
  • Before&After

    Excessive Muscle Development
    < Muscular Legs >

    Due to excessive development of the inner and outer
    gastrocnemius and the soleus muscle, the calf looks short and
    gives off an unfeminine impression. We perfume a procedure
    focusing on reduction of the calf circumference and
    prevention of re-development of the calf muscles.
  • Before&After

    Fatty Legs
    < Thick Legs >

    Fatty legs have thick fats wrapped around the muscles so the
    calves look heavy and relatively thick at the ankles.
    Combination of calf procedure and edema management can
    transform the thick calves to smooth and slim calves.
  • Before&After

    Curved Thighs and Calves
    < Bowed Legs >

    If your knees don’t touch each other and it look curved
    outwards, it is called bowed legs. By reducing the outer
    muscles of the calf, the legs look straight, so you can see the
    effect of the adjustment quickly.
  • Before&After

    Different size calves
    < Asymmetrical legs >

    Asymmetrical legs can be found in those
    who had an accident, illness or a long period
    of poor standing and walking posture.
    The asymmetry will be corrected
    by matching the left and right balance.
  • Before&After

    Side effect from imperfect procedure
    < Deformation of muscles >

    Hafis can improve abnormally rugged calf muscles,
    asymmetrical legs, or compensatory development
    of untreated area in result to botched procedures.

Possible Area for Procedure

Hafis offers customized procedures tailored to the client's calf shape.

Front & Back

A specialist from Hafis will perform customized procedures considering your calf shape

Division Calf Muscles
Possible Site for Nerve Block Inner and outer gastrocnemius, Soleus muscles
Possible Site for Botox Procedure Anterior tibialis, Fibular muscles, Gastrocnemius, Soleus

Uniqueness of

Hafis clinic is the only leg cosmetic hospital
in Korea and has two offices in Gangnam and Myeongdong.
Since its opening in 2004,
it has successfully performed over 25,000 leg cosmetic procedures and
has been praised as a exemplary medical institution
with a unique position in the calf muscle shaping sector.
All three members of the medical team of Hafis are
from Yonsei University and Yonsei Severance Hospital, which are the best
medical school and general hospital in Korea.

  • Legitimacy

    Procedures are performed by.
    chief directors from
    Yonsei University rehabilitation department.
    Pioneer and leader medical institution
    of calf cosmetic and thigh liposuction field

  • Professionalism

    Extensive and in-depth research on nerves,
    muscles and fat (joint research with KAIST
    and Yonsei University Medical Center) The
    only leg cosmetic medical institution in Korea
    with three authorities on calf muscle
    cosmetic procedures

  • Safety

    Scientific improvement based on knowledge
    of body tissues (fat, muscles, nerves) beyond
    the simple cosmetic procedures As of July 2017,
    proceeded over 24,700 cases of leg cosmetic
    procedures since its opening in 2004.
    Established a system that offers continuous

Introduction of hafis

Dr. Seong Yeon-Jae Director

Yonsei University School of Medicine (Shinchon Main Campus)
Graduate School of Integrated Medicine,
Cha University School of Medicine
PH.D in Science, Korea Advanced Institute
of Science and Technology KAIST
Sports medicine specialist
Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine Doctoral Committee Standing Academicv Director
Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Yonsei University College of Medicine
Certified Member of ICA (International Applied Neuroscience)
Certified Member of AAI (Member of the American Immunological Society)
HAFIS leg cosmetic center representative director
Fine Body Rehabilitation Department Director
Director of Korean Initiative Society
Senior Researcher, KAIST Graduate School of Medical Science

Dr. Lee Gil-Chan Director

Yonsei University School of Medicine (Shinchon Main Campus)
Severance Hospital Rehabilitation Department
Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine
Yonsei University Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Yonsei University College of Medicine

HAFIS leg cosmetic center Gangnam office director
Member of Korean Neuro-EMG Society
National Health Insurance Ilsan Hospital Assistant Professor
of Rehabilitation Medicine

hafisClinic Gangnam Office

4rd Floor, 11, Apgujeong-ro 28-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
(Sinsa-dong 581-10) Location Subway Line 3,
Apgujeong Station Exit 4

  • TEL. 02-3481-8600
  • LINE ID. hafis.calf
  • E-MAIL. hafiskaist@naver.com